A very customizable Thumbnail Scroller, that can be edited from a PHP Admin. The scroller is completely resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones). You will be able to insert it into your website with an inbuilt HTML code generator.

Admin Demo

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Admin demo
User: demo
Pass: demo

Note: View FAQ & Help sections for instructions. Demo content is deleted periodically so if you have any problems refresh the page.

Other versions

If you want an item make sure you buy the correct version. While the demo may look similar, the code and usage are different.



PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网响应布局。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以分别自定义每个滚动。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网可以很容易地被用来作为一个图像滚动条改变。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网你可以有一个完全可定制的灯箱标题。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以嵌入YouTube和VIMEO视频。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以添加HTML或Flash或收藏夹的缩略图。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以禁用/启用缩略图。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以将链接添加到您的缩略图。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网你可以设计你自己的导航按钮,并使用它们。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以使用无限数量的滚动条到你的网站。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以无限量的图像显示在一个滚动。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网用一个手指(刷卡缩略图,图片或灯箱)的触摸屏设备上浏览的滚动条。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以浏览缩略图鼠标,滚动条或箭头。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以循环的缩略图。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网随机显示缩略图。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网完全可以调整大小。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以更改缩略图的位置。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网你可以有一个幻灯片。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以添加滚动条到其他网站。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网AJAX管理。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网没有数据库。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以使用一个简单的AJAX上传,添加图片,Uploadify多个文件上传,或FTP。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以更改背景颜色,图像和透明度,从管理的画廊。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以更改缩略图大小,边框,间距,透明度,...
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网你可以改变图片的大小,背景,边框,间距,透明度,...
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网您可以隐藏缩略图和显示的画廊悬停。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网将&,释放作物缩略图。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网拖拽进行排序图像。
PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网简单的HTML代码生成器。

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PHP Thumbnail Scroller-爱程序网


Please take the time to read through the FAQ section included in the Documentation inside the Item’s ZIP Package or on this Item’s Page (click here), since most questions are asked over and over again and you don’t even need to wait for my response, because the answer is already there.

Before we can offer support we will need to confirm your vidrgne levitra purchase. The reason for this is because we receive a lot of support requests from people that get the items from other sites and is a great way to sort the tickets and offer faster support to the actual buyers.

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If you want to install an update, download the item again from your Envato Account -> Downloads, and overwrite the existing files on your server.

Version 1.1
    * Remove lightbox margins on mobile devices.
    * Lightbox display bug on Chrome is fixed.
    * Small bugs fixes.